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Girlfriends, This is kinda like an update and girlfriend commission! I haven’t been posting blogs lately not because I’ve lost the love for it….I’ve just been working on a personal project (we’ll see what comes of it). But I HAVE to say I have been (with-out-words) blessed by some of my girlfriend’s blogs!!! …and feeling […]

Granny Panties


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 Okay…I know…”Granny Panties”…bear with me as I share this mornings sweet revelation. I had just finished taking a shower (the place I do the business with God since my three year old won’t even let me go to the bathroom alone because as Hudson would put it…”I need to be with you”)… I was meditating […]

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I don’t even know how to start this blog! It’s kinda been a crazy season of God calling me out of the comfort of my nest, a nest hidden away on a cliff (and in my heart I could fill the stirring that He was asking me take up things I had buried)…well…He initially was […]