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My heart: House or Home? I was driving to Starbucks after working out in the morning singing and responding to worship playing in my car. I love how worship can connect our hearts to God when we engage even for a moment. I began praying this prayer…”Lord I want my heart to be your home…that […]

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When God put it on my heart to write about this hole in our faces…the hole that words come out of. I thought really Lord,…me? I get to talk about the beauty of holding one’s tongue? You know who this is right? Your girl with the talent to still be talking when the room goes […]

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It’s kind of funny because I never thought I was an angry person until I got married and had kids. Jesus never said we wouldn’t get angry…because…umm…we WILL get angry…it’s just a matter of how we deal with our anger. I got permission from my husband Yuri to open a window into the raw realness […]