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He Hovers


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He hovers. I think that’s really cool. That the Holy Spirit hovers. I’ve recently been on this journey of walking into greater heart freedoms.  Aww, “journey,” it seems like such a loose expression but fitting none the less of this place of hiking through the wilderness to explore new terrains of my heart.  Been having […]

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I LOVE freedom! I always want to be a person that wants to get a lil’ more free (well from what I know I need freedom from). I’ve always had a bit of a pit bull spirit, not afraid to take hold of God and not let go in certain areas of my life. I’ve […]

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… If I knew then what I know now … 3.) I’d kiss the frog! … Instead of calling it a frog … or maybe I would have realized I was a frog too! Bear with me as I use an age-old cliché about kissing a frog and getting a prince to share one of […]