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This article was originally posted on Dec. 2009 Have you ever been burdened for someone you loved so dearly to come to the saving heart knowledge of Jesus? Have you cried out for healing for yourself or someone close to you? Do you have a financial situation that needs a miracle?  Are you desperate […]

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It was Christmas time 1994, I was wrapping presents alone in the living room of my Uncle and Aunt’s home. My Uncle came in and sat in his big comfy recliner chair. We sat in silence for a couple minutes and then without prelude or transition, he asked the poignant question, “What is God saying […]

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Over the span of my life I’ve been a professional self sabotage-er. Having a colorful past before the romance of Jesus, working life out, ‘finding myself in God’ if you will was full of experiencing two steps forward and one step back. It initially looked like creating emotional havoc in my relationship with my husband […]