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 (I asked my friend Dana Hodge if she would write her inspiring fitness story to be shared as a guest writer on my blog and shared from The Strong Life on Facebook. I’m thrilled she agreed. Stories of overcoming and change on any level, getting to share those with you so you and others can […]

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Yes. You read that right. We are talking about God and our bodies. Yes, that human body God so ingeniously created to be the thing that we grew into, the vehicle we would occupy as we journey through our destined-before-time lives. Our bodies tell the genetic story of the lives that came before us, each […]

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I have a friend who is a guest writer on my site today with her #killingmonsters blog. She is an Anonymous contribution for specific reasons. This is her story. Pick me! Pick me!  That is the monster chant in my head. Day and night, day in and day out. I am a child waiting to […]