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cropped-The-Stars-The-Stars-0198.jpgI absolutely love God!

He has always loved me, but I decided to love Him back (dedicating my life and heart to Him) in December 1994 when I was 19 years old in my Aunt and Uncle’s bathroom. That decision changed everything!

In one moment a misdirected youth found love and a dream to be reckoned with. A dream to live life in the fullness of who He created me to be. It is my passion to live like I believe who God has said I am and ignite others to do the same!

Today I enjoy the privilege of being wife to my Bible-College sweetheart, Yuri, and Mama to our four sons. This is my favorite job! And then I’m a daughter, sister and friend known as Ris to many that are close to me. I can always be found with a latte’ in hand enjoying my family, friends and all things creative!

I recently served the last 4 years as the Executive Director and author for Destiny in Bloom, a Women’s Online Magazine  before starting a new adventure of working toward being a Personal Trainer/ Life coach (because you quickly learn they are very similar). I love all the opportunities I’ve had speaking, teaching, and leading groups over the years at my local church, Gateway in Southlake, TX.

I’ve performed dramas and skits both serious or humorous for the purpose of bringing alive deep truths of who God is and His heart for us, and I consider it just one of the cool things I’ve had the opportunity to do.  You can see I’ve done a lot of things, but I’m not into the busy work of doing good things, I want to do the GOD things, so, I’m very passionate about being a God listener and doing what He is asking of me at that moment (living Spirit led), whether it’s about prayer, freedom, fitness, or the arts, you will see so much of this come out of my heart in what I teach, write or perform.

To follow God where He leads: This is the most adventurous life!

I invite you to enter my world through my blog but more importantly I pray you have a run in with the Holy Spirit and He speaks to your heart through what He has spoken to mine. It is really only His voice to and through us that can lead and change us.

With Sincerity & Great Love!


(Marissa Star)


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