2013: The Year to Hear


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It was Christmas time 1994, I was wrapping presents alone in the living room of my Uncle and Aunt’s home. My Uncle came in and sat in his big comfy recliner chair. We sat in silence for a couple minutes and then without prelude or transition, he asked the poignant question, “What is God saying to you?”

I felt on the spot.

I felt insecure.

My palms started sweating.

My heart raced and searched and questioned …

My heart knew or felt like it maybe knew what had been stirring on the inside of it.

BUT what if it was just me … my thoughts, not God’s thoughts, how could I be sure that was bouncing around in my mind and heart was actually God?

What if I gave words to it and I seemed foolish …

I was nervous.

I was scared.

In spite of all that jumbled mess inside of me I fumbled out these words,

“I think He is asking me to become accountable to you and Aunt Terri in this certain area of my life. That He wants me to trust Him in this area of my life and He will do something amazing with it …”

I began to cry, because of all the shame associated with what I was putting before him. I was daring to be vulnerable and exposed. I was daring to make purity a priority for the first time ever in my life. I was daring to call it ‘God speaking to me’.

I remember how my Uncle Bob looked at me. His eyes tender and compassionate as he said,

“That is God. You can hear God. That’s something He would say.”

I remember thinking,

“I can hear God.”

I began starting to trust that voice that dared me to believe for greater things for my life when all I had known up until that point was brokenness.

The greatest gift I received early on in my Christian experience is confidence in that God speaks and my ability to hear Him.

His voice has become my compass, my light, my life-line.

God gave me these words for 2013 …

“It’s the year to hear.”

I don’t fully understand it yet. I know He is speaking; we just have to tune in.

I know He has surrounded me with people learning to hear Him. People I KNOW may go on to hear Him even better than myself. Whose destiny when I get a glimpse moves me deeply to push them as far out into God as is my place to do so.

This year I choose to be intentional to incline my life to what God has to say, to dare to hear Him with more abandon and willingness to answer what He is asking of me.

I know that in just writing that, I’m setting myself up. It’s not the first time. I’m NOT afraid, He is always faithful.

So I leave you with this question beginning 2013…

What is God saying to you?

I believe He speaks to you.

I believe YOU are hearing Him.

You believe it, is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

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