Resources for Praying in Devotional Tongues


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My favorite Resources for Praying in Devotional Tongues

Scriptures for study:

1Cor. 12: 1-11; 14:14-15; 2:9-16; 3:1-2, Rev. 5:8; 8:3, Ps. 141:2,1 1 Timothy 2:8, Jer. 19:11-14, James 4:16, John 3:8, Romans 8:26-28, Heb. 11:6

My testimony of letting Grace in and praying in the Spirit:

Free Study Guide by Jack Hayford on the Holy Spirit and the gifts:

Gateway Passages bookstore: 817.552.7550

You can order the following teaching on Prayer taught at Prayer Tools class 9am at Gateway Southlake campus by Carin Prickett

This is an amazing resource:

She will also be teaching this Dec. on Sun. the 4th and Sunday the 11th.

You can order teaching by Date.

January 23,30-February 6-20 Prayer basics:  Material covered:  What the High Priestly ministry means and how that relates to my prayer life.  Praying ” In the Spirit”, connected to and cooperating with,  Praying in faith,  Tongues, what’s the big deal?,  Love the hard hat of prayer and filter for all hearing.

March 6-27  What does it mean to prayer something through, and how does that work.

July 3-31 Positioned in Warfare,  what does it mean to engage in spiritual warfare in the place of prayer, and how to cooperate with the finished work of Jesus.  Secrets revealed in the war camp of the Israelites and how it relate to how we stand in warfare now.

September 25, October 2,9,16,23,30 Cultivating a hearing ear.  God is a Spirit and He speaks in the Spirit.  We interpret HIS speaking by the Holy Spirit.  How to hear God’s voice and when hearing learn secrets to interpreting correctly what you hear and then put what you hear to use.

LORD TEACH ME TO PRAY CD set by Lynne Hammond:

Joseph Prince:

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