The Devil’s Photo Shoot


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I had the opportunity to teach a workshop at Gateway’s Women Conference, Pink Impact, on one of my favorite subjects, overcoming condemnation. The name of my workshop was the Devil’s Photo shoot, because how many of you know the enemy likes to take snap shots of us in our worst moment and tell us that’s who we are. Our worst moment doesn’t define us, Jesus does. Gateway Church has so graciously made the podcast available at this link. Please listen in and share your feedback in a comment.

Because my teaching included some visuals of women in their worst moments, I’ve included those pictures here to view while you are listening to the podcast. The first picture is of my family as I introduce myself and talk about them. Then there are five pictures that go with the teaching.

I pray the Holy Spirit speaks to your heart, reveals snap shots that need to be thrown in the bonfire of His great love bringing grace to you and a grace that extends to others.

Thanks for taking the time to visit, listen and share.

Great Love!

~Ris (Marissa Star)

A special thanks to Katie Coiner who was my host for this event and took the workshop pictures. See more of her photography here.

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