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He hovers. I think that’s really cool. That the Holy Spirit hovers.

I’ve recently been on this journey of walking into greater heart freedoms.  Aww, “journey,” it seems like such a loose expression but fitting none the less of this place of hiking through the wilderness to explore new terrains of my heart.  Been having some Nicole Kidman Far-and-Away-moments, I’m on my horse, I have my stake in my hand and I’m ready to claim new territory of my heart for the Lord. I’m a little scared of horse back riding, but man alive, I’m on that horse and I’m ready to ride! I’m a visionary so I love when God speaks to me in movies  … I totally get Him when He does.

So I wrote about this concept of nothingness in the post previous to this one in reference to what I learned about wound vs. neglect that effected my perception of God as Father based on my relationship with my earthly Dad.

I was grieving the nothingness and the voice of the Lord spoke so clearly to my heart.

“By the way, I haven’t changed.

I love creating. In the same way that I hovered over the face of the deep (*some versions say over the vast expanse) and created the world as you know it. I called it good and then I rested.

In the same way I hover now over the vast expanse of your nothingness creating and building in you what didn’t exist before. I love creating something from nothing … if you only knew just how much fun I think it is!

Creating is a process. I could have created everything in one day, but I took six, each day building on the day before and I called every day of the process good.”

He began speaking to my heart to understand that this journey was a process and day seven represented the completion of the work in my heart with a season to come of resting in my newfound freedom.

He spoke about how on day 1 He created light as He spoke it forth and then separated it from darkness. You see darkness was already there … He didn’t create it … He separated it.

He showed me how I was in Day 1 of my heart process and to embrace it. Day 1 is about separating truth from lies, separating the darkness from the truth of His light.

He shared that sometimes we can walk in life with a one-inch revelation in proportion to our capacity for God. But as our capacity for God grows so does the depth of our revelation in any given area.  We can go from a one-inch deep revelation to a ten-inch deep revelation of the same truth. It’s like taking the stairs in God and then encountering a catalyst that turns your stairs into an elevator. There is quite a jump from one to ten … it almost feels like free falling naked into the deep springs of freedom.

It’s like thinking your in the deep end of the pool with God and then He picks you up out of the deep end and says, “you think that pool was deep,” … here’s the ocean.

He doesn’t drop you in the ocean to abandon you, in all truth He wouldn’t leave your side for one second. It’s in this place you realize He has been equipping you for these waters all along. The destiny of each day both trails and victories all have been wooing you to this moment of truth. You are more than you think you are … much stronger than you ever thought you could be. You may be in the ocean but the revelation becomes clear, you’re not drowning, no, not at all … your swimming!

I know you may not be experiencing the exact same journey I’m on but I want you to be encouraged that He hovers. Ask Him what He’s hovering over in your life. Ask Him what He desires to create in you that wasn’t there before. Ask Him how you can embrace the destiny in today hidden in both the great and the mundane.  Stop settling for a pool … ask Him for the ocean! Find out something new about yourself! Be being changed :)

As for me I’m embracing Day 1 and calling the “naked free falling” good. I’m not shrinking back from the understanding that for today my mess is my message. I’m reveling in the fact that, heck the oceans ginormous, but hey … I’m not wearing flooties!

All our yesterdays in God have groomed us for our destiny in today! Let’s not let today’s destiny pass us by!

Great Love! ~Ris


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