Christmas Greetings 2010


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We are so excited to announce (no we are NOT pregnant!) we ARE finally a potty -trained family!!! (Insert “We are the Champions!,” “Hip Hip Hooray!” and “We Have Overcome!” here ☺) Our final Star boy has accomplished this great feat this year and we are thrilled to be out of diapers! All silly aside we pray this letter finds you and your family well and full of the true meaning of Christmas.

Each year we start off asking the Lord for direction, a word, a place to position our purpose. Getting ready for our annual Christmas letter always allows us to look back and see His much bigger purposes for us as individuals and for our family. This year we went on a faith adventure with the Lord concerning our children. The Lord spoke to us last April that He had made a place for Colsen (our second) in first grade at the public school in our neighborhood. Initially that freaked this Mama out (after years of home-schooling), but trusting the Lord we began praying for his teacher and friends. We trained our eyes to look for God sightings of His faithfulness. Colsen started in the Fall and this season has been full of God confirming His plan to us. We are thankful for God connecting Colsen with a teacher that loves the Lord and loves him. We are seeing his confidence grow and it is a gift that is priceless. Colsen is now 7 years old, he has taken up hip-hop dance classes and loves riding bikes through our neighborhood.

Hudson started Kindergarten at the same school, has a very warm-hearted teacher and loves his friends. Hudson is now five and full of questions and comedy. He has declared he is “5” and holding thanks to a Grandma that says she is “39” and holding ☺. He has let us know that he is famous because he holds high scores on video games and he says his secret talent is eating. He played soccer in the fall and our family enjoyed rallying behind him each game, and well who doesn’t like watching five-year olds play soccer while calling out, “turn around the goal is the other way!” ☺

Davis “our baby” just turned four years old! I would like to say it is sad to see Davis leave behind everything baby but Davis has always refused to be babied and only desires to keep up with the older boys. And that he does! He even rides his lil’ scooter down the big boys’ bike ramps! The child is fearless and loves Batman!

Our oldest son Caleb turned nine this year and has turned me into a walking fact checker. He has a tremendous love of learning and is quite inquisitive. He knows when we don’t know what we’re talking about, which keeps us in a close relationship with Google ☺. He loves mountain biking with his Dad and is a big Narnia series fan.

As for Yuri and me, we are going on 12 years of marriage this December! This year we had the opportunity to do some fun ministry projects together and we both felt it was a blast growing together in this new way! We are excited about going into 2011 purposefully sowing into our family and continuing to do everything the Lord has called us to do. I’ve loved serving as a director for (a women’s online magazine). We just became a non-profit organization and I’m excited to see it grow as the Lord gives us greater vision.

We want you to know we love you and are blessed by all the amazing people that surround us! Although there are some of you that we don’t get to see often we remain grateful for every connection and pray you are blessed in the year to come and always!

Great Love, The Star Family

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