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It’s an article day for me at Destiny in Bloom and today I’ve posted something a little different. Today my article was of the visual kind, it’s mini documentary which my heart was to keep raw and real. I think it’s what this generation is looking for. I know I am.

Looking for those who walk with Jesus authentically … those who’ve dared to abandon the classic christian mask that makes them feel like they have to show the world that everything┬á is great all the time because we have Jesus. The truth is we do have Jesus, not to make everything great but to hold our hands and lead us to truth when everything is not OK! He gives us hope and we respond with faith. He shows us real love and in turn we show the world a passion for them to know Him in a way they understand how much He loves them and runs to them before they knew who He even was.

That’s the heart of this video my husband and I worked on together. Real life. Real People. Sharing the gospel message. I pray more to come and hope to share other people’s stories as well.

I’ve had this project on my heart for awhile but it took the pressure of a leadership group I participated in to squeeze it out by putting a deadline on the things in my heart ­čśë And for that I extend a special thank you to Pastor Jan Greenwood and Pastor Lynda Grove of Gateway Church. Thanks for putting the squeeze on us ladies to get the Jesus in us out, I will look back on our class together with great fondness! I want to thank my husband Yuri Star for running hard after truth with me … for courageously going with me with honesty into tough places of the heart to share God’s hope and love with the world. Thanks for holding my hand during the healing that took place making this video. You are more than my best friend and I love you! One last thank you to my sons for being willing to go on this journey with us … you little movie naturals! :)

So with out further delays … here is the visual testimony called treasure. A more formal version and article intro at Destiny in Bloom today and tomorrow.

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