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A poem written from God’s heart to yours … what ever your going through … whatever you’ve been through He longs for you to hear : YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

On the days when nothing goes right and you feel in the deepest of funks … just stop a moment and incline your ear … Jesus has something to say:


When you’ve been up all night with your newborn. Your hormones are raging … you can’t find the truth. Sleep is fleeting but the tears are coming. Your moments and body don’t feel like your own. He is stopping time … He wants you to hear:


Your feet on the scale, the numbers try to define you, but you’re better than that. He died for you to hear this truth …


You gave your best … but he still left.  You feel like the world is watching and judging but they can’t perceive your pain. Open your eyes and see what He has to say:


Holding your stomach … it’s the first kick of the life growing inside you. You wish you could be happier but your just seventeen and your future is unsure. Everyone has their opinions … but you must hear His:


It’s a juggle and a struggle raising children on your own. You question your ability  … the heavy weight of responsibility.  He is holding out His hand while whispering:

Your not so young and your wondering … why the wait is so long … why hasn’t Mister Right come along. You see friend after friend get married and you begin to question your worth … the question of “why” makes your heart grow numb. Lay that down for moment just hear The Prince say:

You’ve waited and waited till you feel like you can’t wait anymore. You’ve peed on stick after stick in hope of new life. The feeling of longing doesn’t always feel pretty … He opens His arms and in embracing He speaks to your heart:


You’ve been hurt by their lies and gossip has attacked you. You stand under scrutiny and yet you hold your head high. Everything inside feels ugly … close your eyes and listen to your Savior say:

Sometimes you just feel destiny stirring round and round inside you. Dreams being dreamt that are bigger than you. Is it possible … could it be true! Fear of people and fear of the unknown try to grab you, but simply believe what He has told you!



Carrying you always in my heart as we find Him together …

and with GREAT Love,

~ Ris Star


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