FRIENDS are like life cheerleaders! “You can do this THANG (called life)!!! You can DO IT well…now GO be FANTASTIC!!!…and yes I’m watching you:)!!!”


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This is kinda like an update and girlfriend commission! I haven’t been posting blogs lately not because I’ve lost the love for it….I’ve just been working on a personal project (we’ll see what comes of it). But I HAVE to say I have been (with-out-words) blessed by some of my girlfriend’s blogs!!! …and feeling like…WOW…God is up to something…He is speaking to HIS women…He is speaking to the Mother’s heart…and He’s birthing  His dreams for destiny!!! My friend Celeste wrote a blog called DREAMS (visit and sent me to it…omg my heart jumped as the Holy Spirit was confirming what He had been speaking to my heart in what she wrote. Also another friend Becky posted a blog entitled LOOKING BOTH WAYS ( as she wrote about what the Holy Spirit had taught her this last year…I again found myself dumbfounded in His holy presence. I could hear Him speaking to my heart about His love for us…and how sometimes we feel like we can’t hear Him because we are so hard on ourselves…built on a standard that’s not Him. Love and Grace is His standard. Self acceptance and truth are His standard! Oh Lord that we  would walk in greater truth…as deep calls unto deep so we cry out for YOU the living GOD!

All this to say I am in awe of the friends that Jesus has allowed me to connect and partner with to take on this thang called life;)  Women who walk with God in the midst of crumbs under their tables, toys scattered through their living rooms, piles of laundry always looming, and the precious but redundant voices that utter some form of Mommy continually through the day…but, yet they are STILL finding God!…and the AMAZING part… GOD is to be found! …but not to forget my friends without children… YET:)!…juggling working and being wife…you are still finding God and giving Him a place…how astounding!

Encouragement is powerful!!! And that’s what I’ve found in the hearts of the woman around me…encouragement that we can do this THANG!!! We can do it well and we can be FANTASTIC!

I think especially among woman it’s important to call out the giftings and praise the growth we see in each others lives. The enemies trap is getting woman caught up in comparing and judging…when Jesus wants ALL of us to succeed and go after our dreams…whatever they may be!!! WE must revel in God in each other’s lives…call out what we see Him doing and come along side God’s plan and say..YOU CAN DO THIS!!! (I love how my precious friend Tirzah called a couple of us on the carpet saying…,”I’ve been to your blogs and alas nothing…can’t wait to hear what you have to share.”…I loved that!…I love the thought and accountability!

So here’s the encouragement that’s exploding in my heart as I stand on the side lines like a cheerleader watching my friends tackle life head on with God!!!

Rebecca~Don’t hold back!!! Unleash the pit bull..we all know he’s in there;) I’m talking about your tenacity…I’m talking about the charm bracelet of giftings and experiences you are called to share with the church…your not called to a few…your called to all! I’m not talking just writing…I’m talking leadership and writing! Can’t wait to be in full view of your bloom!!!

Yvonne~ We haven’t seen anything YET! YOU know it…I know it…and I’m watching…waiting on the tip of my seat about to fall over waiting to see the Holy Spirit explode His purposes in your life. …and ya you’ve been walking in your giftings , ministering, and even getting burnt out sometimes…BUT a new maturing is setting in…I saw IT this last time we were together and I was like what are you doing God?…I want in the know!!! I believe in YOU!! I have ALWAYS believed in YOU!

Celeste~ Over the twelve years I’ve known you..I can probably could count on one hand the times we’ve had the opportunity to hang out! I love that your fun and your spunky… but in God your a fire ball! You have taken Him to the bank on His promises and it’s evident in your life. Your a fighter and an overcomer…keep writing…seriously keep writing…your words inspire and encourage!

Courtney~ My friend who loves to love! It’s been a year of understanding All the deeps of His love hasn’t it:)…really His love for you! How it’s not measured in the opinions of others or the riches (status) of this world …that the depth of His love for us can be found in a season of sacred humility and ultimate dependency. How you’ve gone with him were others are not willing to go…to find truth…to find healing…and now the beginings of VICTORY!! I’m proud of YOU!

Tirzah~ What a blessing your unexpected friendship has been to me! When we came to CO to visit…right away I felt a kindredness and my spirit was immediately at rest in your presence. I love the purity of who you are…I love the encouragement that flows from you…and the best part the humility in which you are unaware of how greatly God uses you! Your AMAZING in so many ways…conquer all that’s in your heart friend!!! Rarely do you find a person that loves so purely… I’ll never forget my breakfast in bed!

Becky~ I look forward to getting to know you better over time! But I have to say…I loved the maturity in which you allowed God to teach you such amazing lessons this last year! Such great revelation and honesty…it’s the kinda truth that sets free. Please keep writing and inspiring!!

Melissa~ The girl can do anything and do it well! There is a great currant of excellence that runs through you! Your so much more than meets the eye! I love how you asses life (your such a watcher) take the good and throw out the bad all with having an ability to be incredible gracious of others!! So many dreams are alive in YOU…I can’t wait to see the mosaic masterpiece you become!!!!

My Princess Sarah!~ Oh how you’ve come so far and your going even farther! Your raw and truthful with just the perfect amount of comedy but your also so desperate to please your Father God! There’s no cookie cutter Christian woman…He’s made a place in the kingdom that has your name on it. Your dreams would shock others and Jesus is in that business..because He gets the glory..Keep dreaming BIG girl!! You’ll be amazed at His faithfulness!

Renee~ OMG…so grateful that God brought you back in my life…and from what seems like nowhere! How crazy BIG He is! Your like a stable rock…dependable and like the perfect marriage of fun and faithfulness! Greatness is ya sista!!! I feel it and know it every time I’m with you and think how lucky I am to enjoy the ride of being your friend! So many adventures yet to come!

Joanna~ You are loyal with integrity to the very core!!! I trust you with my life!  I can’t find an adjective that would do justice (and I love adjectives!) to express how much I cherish our friendship! You are an amazing journey mate…I have loved seeking to know God more with you! Our many talks of our revelation of who He IS have always inspired me. There is SO much in you! Dream without limits…God has something in store!

Stacy~ Your probably like how did I end up on this list;) I have to tell you girl…(I do try to hold back when we go lunching) so I don’t freak you out…but, when I’m with you I just wanna draw the giftings right out of you! Your so FULL…I venture to say that you might already know this. (Did you like that run on;) No…REALLY…there is a depth in you…you got share it straight up girl…you’ve overcome some things…you’ve seen God BE faithful! I DO love that your blogging..but, you NEED to be blogging;)

Well…WOW…now that I’m done…HELLO!!!…how amazing to know so many AMAZING woman of God…who inspire me daily! I feel so BLESSED!! I love and appriciate you ALL! I hope it was also an encouragement to you that there are other woman out there going after God with ALL their hearts!

You might think this comes easy to me…but actually two years ago God asked me to live out loud (and a lot of that has also been through  my writing)… I used to cherish things in my heart and never share the deep things in my heart with others. He gave me a revelation of how we need to hear it…that GOD sees us and that we see each other!


With the GREATEST love,

Your Friend… ~Ris


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