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¬†Okay…I know…”Granny Panties”…bear with me as I share this mornings sweet revelation. I had just finished taking a shower (the place I do the business with God since my three year old won’t even let me go to the bathroom alone because as Hudson would put it…”I need to be with you”)… I was meditating on a song to which the lyrics say we lay are crowns at your feet and in my heart I was responding that way. My heart was saying what an honor Jesus to lay any and every achievement or accomplishment at your feet…I know with great conviction that everything good in my life is a result of the moment you first touched it. …and then as He spoke to my heart the revelation came…He was saying you know what is even more precious to me? …it’s when my children give me the things hidden…things where shame is there ready condemn if scarcely revealed. It’s a selfless act of faith and abandoned trust in the Lord to give him the not so pretty things in our hearts. For me I’ve been dealing with patience with my children…I home school (which I love!)… but we are together all day…there is nonstop talking to me and touching me happening. When I’m short with my children…I can just beat myself up about it…I feel like it’s just so ugly inside. I could make a million excuses for being short and any mother would understand…but I am just so desperate for GOD to touch it! Just then a picture popped up in my head a large pair of white classic hanes granny panties. Nobody truly wants to admit they have ever worn these and would be mortified if ever the band that clearly says hanes crept over the waistband of their jeans. Come on… you know it’s true. Many a mother tried to convince me after I had my babies that these were the most comfortable option for panties. They hold in all the extra weight and water retention…well for me my torso is so short I might as well have tucked them under my bra. I thought alright Lord… i’ll give you my granny panties filled with the impatience I deal with and lay them at your feet. I know a couple of you will know just how difficult it was for me to type out the words granny panties…but the encouragement the Lord gives is just so precious…He turns our ashes into beauty…He loves our shame more than our glories.

So Diva Sista’s and God lovers let God have your granny panties…I’ll stand next to you as we raise our granny panties as banners in full abandon to the Lord…asking Him to touch those things in our hearts only He can!

..Stay tuned for another episode of deep thoughts with Marissa Star…HA!

Rocking my granny panties,


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